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Press releases and news:

20th June, 2014
Harpoon V5.6 Polys for Complex models
Harpoon version 5.6, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher, is now available to mesh using polyhedral cells more >>

12th July, 2012
Harpoon V5 Parallel for Multicore Machines
Harpoon version 5.0, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher, is now available in parallel for shared memory multicore more >>

25th March, 2011
Sharc launches Periscope
Sharc is proud to announce the launch of Periscope, a new innovative post processor for CFD more >>

25th August, 2010
Sharc launches Submarine
Sharc is proud to announce the launch of Submarine, a generic solver interface module within the extreme meshing tool Harpoon v4.2a.. more >>

17th April, 2009
Harpoon version 4.0 (Elite) goes Parallel
Harpoon version 4.0, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher, is now available in parallel. Harpoon Elite (the MPI-enabled version) allows.. more >>

21st January, 2008
Southampton implements Harpoon Teaching Programme
Sharc is proud to announce that Southampton School of Engineering Sciences is the first to take advantage of the new teaching license option for Harpoon.. more >>

19th September, 2007
Harpoon Version 3.0 offers direct CAD interface
Harpoon version 3.0, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher has just been released with direct CAD interface.. more >>

11 April, 2007
Harpoon Version 2.5 offers improved convergence
Harpoon version 2.5, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher has just been released with improved meshing algorithms.. more >>

6 February, 2007
Ford divisions choose Harpoon to speed up complex underhood simulations
Volvo Cars and Ford of Europe have selected Sharc’s advanced meshing solution, Harpoon.. more >>

18 September, 2006
Matched Meshing available in Harpoon
Sharc Ltd announced today the release of new matched meshing software.. more >>

3 August, 2006
New Wrapping Technology integrated in Harpoon
Sharc Ltd announced today the release of new wrapping technology.. more >>

19 July, 2006
Harpoon - ‘The Extreme Mesher’ now available on Windows 64
Sharc announced today that its Extreme Meshing software, Harpoon, now supports Windows 64 operating system.. more >>

June, 2006
Harpoon Version 2.1 released
Harpoon version 2.1, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher has just been released. more >>

6 February, 2006
Harpoon - ‘The Extreme Mesher’ raises the Industry Standard for Meshing
Sharc Ltd, a world leader in meshing technologies, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its flagship meshing software, Harpoon -‘The Extreme Mesher’. more >>

February, 2006
Harpoon Version 2 released
Harpoon version 2.0, the second generation of Sharc’s Extreme Mesher has just been released. more >>

August, 2005
Improved Feature Line Treatment in Harpoon
Recent releases of Harpoon have included some important improvements to the code’s handling of feature lines. more >>

29 April, 2004
Sharc adds Macintosh OS X support to its extreme meshing software
Sharc has added support for the Macintosh OS X platform to Harpoon, the extreme meshing program that the company launched in March 2003. more >>

27 March, 2003
CEI’s Harpoon extreme mesher sets new standards for simplicity and speed

New software generates mesh in three mouse clicks;
processes two million cells per minute on standard hardware
Sharc has released Harpoon, new software that simplifies and speeds the process of generating high-quality meshes from standard CAD packages. more >>

 Note to editors:

Founded in 1997, Manchester based Sharc is a developer of pre/post processor software for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Its flagship Harpoon mesher produces high quality body-fitted hex meshes. The automatic generation of hex dominant volume meshes and/or quad dominant surface meshes bypasses the need for time consuming surface mesh generation and grid density specification.