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Periscope harnesses core Harpoon algorithms along with state of the art imaging technology to provide an easy to use, extreme environment for all you visualisation needs.


Periscope adopts extreme Harpoon technology to generate section clip movies at unparalleled speeds specifically optimized for the automotive and motorsport industry.


Fully automated simple scripts allow easy creation of movies, plots and data extraction in both batch and GUI.


Using state of the art imaging technology, Periscope allows creation of proprietary video formats which allow full interactive interrogation of the whole flowfield.



Other features


Periscope creates interactive iso-surfaces/volumes of a variable and colour by another variable.


As with Iso-surfaces, fully interactive streamlines can also be created

Vortex Cores

Periscope allows the creation of vortex cores using vorticity or the Eigen vector method.




Periscope will create graphs of any variable in the volume or on the surface.


Periscope will update all created parts and graphs automatically with time dependent data.