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case studies

Aerospace:         Sikorsky Solves Challenges of Coaxial Rotor Helicopter

Automotive:        Audi Soiling study

Automotive:        DaimlerChrysler Pump study

Automotive:        Behr chooses Harpoon to aid in-car passenger comfort

Automotive:        Harpoon speeds up CFD analysis at Rieter Automotive

Environmental:   Arup uses Harpoon for Sheffield City Hall airflow

Environmental:   EPA uses Harpoon for modelling winds in urban areas

Medical:              Harpoon helps save lives: Assessing Aneurysm rupture risk

Medical:              Extreme Meshing Helps Resolve Heart Stent Complications

Medical:              Harpoon Revolutionises Cancer Research

Medical:              Penn State uses Harpoon to help simulate respiration

Medical:              Harpoon gets teeth into biomechanics research

Medical:              Harpoon helps with soft and hard tissue traumatology

Marine:               Scientists Use Harpoon to Design Custom Surfboards

Oil&Gas:              Harpoon aids Fire and Explosion analysis

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