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notes | Harpoon Version 4.2


Harpoon Version 4.2 details

Harpoon v4.2 now includes Submarine, a generic solver interface module

Submarine combines the powerful meshing capabilities of  Harpoon with solvers such as OpenFOAM and Fluent,  to produce an extremely simple environment  for meshing,  solving and visualising the most complex CFD problems.

Once the mesh has been generated, boundary conditions for the model, along with solver setup such as turbulence models and parallel settings, are achieved with extreme ease.

Solver choice is achieved at the press of a button.

The solution is interactively monitored by residuals, surface contour  plots and clip planes allowing the user to "watch" the solution evolve. Iso-surfaces, streamlines and vortex cores are available once the solution has finished, all as fully interactive entities in an extreme visualisation environment.

Solvers currently supported  include OpenFOAM and Fluent. Others are to be added as requested

Significant impovement has been made in the Boundary Layer, which include:

  • Faster  creation
  • Improved convergence for Boundary Layer
  • Less RAM required

Other improvements include:

  • 100% penta (prisms) region for Underhood Thermal Modelling
  • Faster CCM+ export over NFS mounted disks
  • Windows faster for large models
  • Cell compacting to reduce RAM consumption

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