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Harpoon 3.0 Details

Harpoon version 3.0, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher, has just been released with direct CAD interfaces.

Amongst the newest features are the much anticipated CAD loaders. It is now possible to import models directly from CATIA and Unigraphics CAD packages in their native format and from others via the IGES universal file format. Upon import Harpoon will tessellate the geometric entities according to a set of user controllable preferences. The imported geometry will retain the layer association defined in the CAD file and will even replicate colour schemes where possible

New features also include


Major improvements to the recently introduced optimisation algorithms allowing users to increase convergence with the most complicated geometries around.

Improved boundary layer

The Boundary layer function has undergone significant development over the past 6 months resulting in more robust Boundary Layer creation with less incidence of going to zero and rapdi height fluctuation which could develop in previous versions as seen in the comparisons below

Boundary Layer in v25b showing unwanted rapid height fluctuation

Boundary Layer in v30(a) showing improved boundary layer meshing

Batch commands

Even more of Harpoon’s commands are now available in Batch. This brings users of Harpoon a step closer to true black box meshing with complicated geometry.

-X Command Line

Harpoon now supports hardware rendering allowing users to pipe graphics to different machines.

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 Catia Model loaded directly into Harpoon