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Harpoon 2.5 Details

Harpoon version 2.5, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher, has just been released with improved meshing algorithms.

Months of work behind the scenes has resulted in new optimisation algorithms for CFD solvers which may have had convergence problems in the past. The enhanced routines are included in the default settings of Harpoon v2.5 which also includes an option for ‘super converge’ to help with any particularly difficult geometries

The optimisation is not necessary for all solvers or all cases. It is very much case and solver specific. The algorithms have been carefully developed to help solver technologies that struggle with convergence on complex geometry.

Other improvements include:

  • Surface recovery
  • Matched meshing
  • Hole finding/fixing
  • Surface cleaning

The figures below show the same complex model meshed in v2.4 and v2.5 of Harpoon. Exactly the same settings were used for the meshing and the solver

Mesh from Harpoon v2.4c

Mesh from Harpoon v2.5a


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