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Harpoon 2.1 Details

Harpoon version 2.1, Sharc’s Extreme Mesher has just been released. It includes improvements to the I/O, visualization and boundary layer.

Summary of New Features


  • Harpoon can import feature lines directly from a data file
  • Harpoon includes ASCII export for STAR-CD, FLUENT or OpenFOAM formats
  • Harpoon will be able to export DTF mesh format for CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC)


  • Harpoon will import and display quads from the imports
  • Can clip of individual volumes, and changing their colour
  • Volumes will be selectable from the clip plane
  • Report of x, y, and z nodal coordinates of the geometry and/or mesh


  • Volume cell count reduction (up to 40%)
  • Lines can have per line expansion
  • Meshing preferences are extended and reorganized
  • Can list/keep/delete volumes using any point inside it
  • 100% tet mesh on surface only
  • Lines can be a refinement part
  • Free edges can be easily deleted

Boundary Layer

  • The user can now specify different boundary layer heights with constant or linear expansion on different connecting parts, as long as the number of boundary layers is the same


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