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Harpoon 2.0 Details

Harpoon version 2.0, the second generation of Sharc’s Extreme Mesher has just been released. It includes a number of significant enhancements, based largely on customer requests from the past two years of Harpoon’s existence.

New in Harpoon V2 are:

  • Much improved boundary layer algorithm, allowing higher total heights & lower skewness
  • Modified GUI including permanent large parts list and tool tips
  • Mesh smoothing is an order of magnitude quicker
  • Improved surface recovery on multi-level meshes
  • Improved surface curvature computation for auto mesh size distribution
  • Surface mesh cleaning is 50x faster on large models
  • Surface meshes may now be split by region
  • A graphical skew histogram is now displayed
  • Improvements in the handling of problematic STL files
  • A geometry part may be treated as a far wall when meshing internally, improving flexibility

The figures below depict some of these changes.


Figure 1: Harpoon’s new GUI and some of its main features

Figure 2: Improved boundary layer meshing in Harpoon V2

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